Bishop Felton Hawkins

Bishop Felton Hawkins

Bishop Felton Hawkins is the founder and pastor of Full Gospel Kingdom Church, a church that continues to make a clearly identifiable significance in the community in which it serves. With over 32 years of ministry and leadership experience, he has been integrally involved in all aspects of church and leadership development. Bishop Hawkins has also authored four books, “Developing Christians for Leadership”, “Building a Great House – Overcoming Life’s Ordinary to Possess God’s Extraordinary”, “Man of the House – Woman of the House: Get Ready to Take Dominion” (a flip it book) and "Increase! Self-Value, Personal Equity, Leadership IQ" .

Bishop Hawkins is recognized for his tenacious commitment not only to the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but for his dedication to inspiring and developing God’s leaders to accomplish their purpose and plans. He is the presiding prelate of the Full Gospel Kingdom Churches Association, Inc., building and assisting leaders and pastors in their effort to carry out their visions. He travels both nationally and internationally conducting workshops and training sessions to include Leadership Development, Organizational Vision, and Organizational Change.

Bishop Hawkins is aware that no matter what their faith, denomination, or other religious affiliations may be, there is one universal concern that every pastor and church has, and that is leadership issues. If Pastors and Christian leaders are going to move forward in accomplishing all that God has etched in their hearts, they must make leadership development and training a priority.

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Lady Jasanta Hawkins

Lady Jasanta Hawkins is a native of Long Island, New York. After her relationship with Christ, her greatest joy is her relationship with Bishop Hawkins and her family. She and Bishop Hawkins share in loving five sons and one daughter, Rafael, Maurice, Destinee’, Deston, Gerard, and Tyler. As First Lady of Full Gospel Kingdom Church, she serves alongside her husband leading the people in the vision that the Lord has given to Bishop Hawkins. She is Bishop Hawkins’ greatest supporter and a faithful servant to her set Man of God. Lady Jasanta has a true love for ministering to God’s people and building the Kingdom of God. She is a woman of faith with a true desire to be an ambassador for Christ while helping and building women along the way.


Meet Bishop and Lady Hawkins

Bishop Hawkins is recognized for his tenacious commitment not only to the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ...