Str8-Up Youth Ministry

Serving Pre-Teens to Teens Ages 12-19 years old

Str8-Up Youth Ministry provides structured co-curricular experiences for youth to promote spiritual growth and development. The Ministry also instills basic principles of conduct in the sanctuary. A Bible Study is offered every Tuesday night from 7:00-8:00 p.m. A Str8-Up Youth Program provides qualified youth with leadership training.

Str8-Up Vision Statement

“The children of today are going to be our youth for tomorrow and as time continues, they will become the adults for the future.”

Str8-Up Mission Statement

Full Gospel Youth Services Ministry nurtures our youth and motivates them to become the greatest assets to the Kingdom of God. We teach, promote, and live kingdom values. Community developmental skills, evangelism, worship, bible study, and practical application are the main objectives of this program.

Str8-Up Core Values

  • The heart of the ministry is service.
  • They youth must be trained to impact their community.
  • The commitment to develop effective leaders for the future.
  • The ministry will be made fun and inspirational.
  • The youth will relate to God and honor him by living and being passionate about their accomplishments through the Str8-Up Youth Leadership program.

Str8-Up Participants

  • Beginners: Age 12-14
  • Intermediates: Age 15-16
  • Advanced: Age 17-19

Str8-Up Youth Training

  • 40 Development Assets for Success
  • Character Building
  • Male/Female Etiquette
  • Weekly Praise and Worship Sessions
  • Breakout Groups for all Age Groups
  • Abstinence, Drug, and Alcohol Classes
  • Job Search, Career Building, and Interviewing
  • Entrepreneurship, Investing, Banking
  • Stewardship
  • Leadership Development

Str8-Up Youth Creed

Str8-Up Youth are leaders. We have been called from birth. We have purpose and significance. Our lives should show up in victory and glory. Even when we fall, our recovery serves as a testimony to our God. We are committed to face every dark place in our lives understanding that we must face it to erase it. We are submitted to those who are in authority over us so that we can walk in authority over others. We are committed to reach out to other youth, to evangelize, mentor and assist in the spiritual development of others as well as our own. It is the true sign of development and growth when we are able to reproduce after our own kind. Youth Who R STR8- UP!!

Meet Bishop and Lady Hawkins

Bishop Hawkins is recognized for his tenacious commitment not only to the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ...