Bishop Felton Hawkins

Hawkins 2Bishop Hawkins is recognized for his tenacious commitment not only to the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but for his dedication to inspiring and developing God’s leaders to accomplish their purpose and plans. Bishop Hawkins has planted two churches and is the nexus for seven other churches while continuing to build and assist leaders and pastors in their effort to carry out their visions. 

Bishop Hawkins has authored three books, Developing Christians for Leadership and Building a Great House. He has recently completed and released his third book entitled, Man of the House – Woman of the House: Get Ready to Take Dominion.

Hawkins 1Because of his strong belief in the Jethro principal, Bishop Hawkins models and trains Christian leaders in this principle which he states, “Is greatly needed in the body of Christ.” He believes that Pastors and Christian leaders in today’s church need the support of those who are capable and willing to partner with them in bringing relevant strategies and solutions that will aid in fulfilling their vision and plans.

Bishop Hawkins is aware that no matter what their faith, denomination, or other religious affiliations may be, there is one universal concern that every pastor and church has, and that is leadership issues.

If Pastors and Christian leaders are going to move forward in accomplishing all that God has etched in their hearts, they must make leadership development and training a priority.

Bishop Hawkins received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies from Hampton University and a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership from Regent University.  Bishop Hawkins is proud parent of four wonderful children.