2021 Sermon Notes (January - August)


1-3    Thy Kingdom Come: Your Identity Revealed.pdf
1-10  Thy Kingdom Come: God's Offspring.pdf
1-17  Thy Kingdom Come: Hallowed Be Thy Name.pdf
1-24  Thy Kingdom Come: Introduction of the Kingdom.pdf
1-31  Thy Kingdom Come: By the People, For the People...Not Really.pdf


2-7    Thy Kingdom Come: Pass the Bread.pdf
2-14 Thy Kingdom Come: Forgive Me.pdf
2-21 Thy Kingdom Come: Tempted or Tested.pdf


3-14   Thy Kingdom Come: Transformed or Transferred.pdf
3-21   Thy Kingdom Come : Transformed or Transferred Part 2.pdf 
3-28    Thy Kingdom Come Through Creation.pdf
3-30    BIBLE STUDY: Thy Kingdom Come Through Creation.pdf


4-4    Thy Kingdom Come: A New Creation.pdf
4-6    BIBLE STUDY: Walking After the Spirit.pdf
4-6    BIBLE STUDY: Model
4-11 Thy Kingdom Come: Kingdom Mystery Revealed - Part 1.pdf
4-18  Thy Kingdom Come: Kingdom Mystery Revealed - Part 2.pdf
4-20  BIBLE STUDY: Creative Power of Imagination.pdf
4-20  BIBLE STUDY: Model
4-25  Thy Kingdom Come: Imagination and the Fight for Creation.pdf


5-2    Thy Kingdom Come: Dreams, the Language of the Spirit.pdf
5-9    Thy Kingdom Come: Vision and Creation Have An Appointment - Part 1.pdf
5-16  Thy Kingdom Come: Vision and Creation Have An Appointment - Part 2.pdf
5-23  Thy Kingdom Come: Pentecost With A Purpose.pdf
5-30  Thy Kingdom Come - The Faith that Transforms.pdf


6-6    The Words of Your Mouth Are Created from the Faith in Your Heart.pdf
6-13 Thy Kingdom Come: Kingdom Ownership.pdf
6-20 Thy Kingdom Come: Ownership and the Right to Rule.pdf



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Bishop Hawkins is recognized for his tenacious commitment not only to the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ...